SPRING has Sprung in Williamsburg!

SPRING Forward

Tonight before you got to bed,

Set your clocks one-hour ahead.

Yes, my friend this is the date

To change your clocks or you’ll be late!

As tweeting birds sing their song…

We know warmth and flowers won’t be long.


I know my little poem is silly…but it get’s the point across.  With everything in life rushing ahead, you don’t want to forget to do this.  Also, it is recommended that you use this opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke detectors too.

Here in the Southeast, we’ve enjoyed an abnormally warm week — a true harbinger of Spring.  Trees are budding, flowers have popped up all over and folks are scrambling to get started on yard work. People who have been cooped up all winter are out and about loving the warm weather…(before the pollen explodes!)

Well, I should take a minute to enjoy it too.  So, I guess it’s time for me to stop chatting and get up and out to the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market in Merchant Square.

I returned to Williamsburg on the Amtrak yesterday and loved arriving at our charming little station…a true image of Americana! There were lots of William and Mary students on the train returning from Spring Break for their last few weeks of school. I’ll have to remember to dodge all of them on my way to see what the market has in store. I hope that you can enjoy your weekend too! Don’t make it all work…enjoy a long walk, a garden show, a movie or just a bit of down time.

Spring means rebirth and change. If you, a friend or neighbor is thinking of buying or selling a home, I’d love to help. Please call me or pass my name along!

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